According to the respect of the ancestral techniques, we restore and preserve your
stained glasses with the support of the new current techniques.
For monuments such as old churches, chapels, buildings or in your private space, house, apartment, etc.

Conservation is also a priority.

The overall effect of the piece must be taken into account and make sure not to distort it.

Atrium completely restored, refurbished under lead and originally made by the architect Mr. Paul Vizzavona, student of Mr. Horta.

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Onbevlekte Vossenplein (Marollen).
Identical reconstitution of the right part of the stained glass window.


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Stained glass in private apartment in Brussels,
strong domed at first.


Church St Nicolas located in the "Ilot Sacré",
near the Grand'Place of Brussels
Restoration in situ.